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The Ultimate in Fox Protection.

Simply select the products to create a kit that has everything you need to protect your chickens. This bundle has a discount built in.

  • The tall 145 cm chicken nets are 40% taller than standard chicken nets will give 90% better protection as they are sufficiently tall enough to deter even the worst fox. Read more about this Ultimate Chicken Net
  • This Bundle option allows You to assemble a kit more suitable to your OWN requirements. The minimum required is a Net, an Energiser and an Earth Stake - the rest are optional.
  • The energiser selected may be powered by an external 12v battery or by 220volt mains electricity.
  • A Battery IS NOT included, neither is High Volt Lead-out Cable to connect a mains powered energiser to the fence. These may be added by following the links. 
  • The choice of  energiser is either a powerful 2.4 joule Gemini energiser  or very powerful 5 Joule Farming energiser, Both will be very effective in protecting your chickens from a marauding fox. Both supply extra capacity to overcome grass growing up (to a limit) so reducing maintenance. Many kits supply an energiser that is only strong enough for the netting alone. Buy a wimp energiser - you get a wimpy fence. Here is why you need a strong energiser.
  • All nets are 145 cm (58 inches - 4 ft 10 inches feet) tall. Made out of very low resistance material - 0,75 Ohms/meter (the lower - the better.) They are supplied with Posts and connections
  • A superior 1.45 meter tall HotGate  may be selected separately.
  • Weed Suppression will greatly help with the maintenance of the Netting system.
  • Chickens are not the greatest fliers - these tall nets will help to keep them in.
  • Very easy to instal, no expert required - ideal for you to erect. Information on how to erect a net.
  • Additional Chicken nets may be added should you wish to.
  • If the energiser is to be used with mains 220v, a length of High Volt Cable will be required to go from the source to the fence and also to the Earth Stake.
  • A 12v Battery is required if you intent to run the energiser as a battery system.

NOT what you want to see.

Fox Eating a Chicken

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