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Quality Electric Sheep Netting

Livestok Sheep Netting - The Best by far.

  • Electrified Netting has been consistently proven to be the most effective barrier to predators that may be after your valuable animals.
  • Used by farmers and smallholdings around Europe to protect their sheep.  
  • Sheep netting is very easy to erect and move - a true portable solution giving maximum protection.
  • Robust and easy to handle. Ideal for fast moving, demand grazing systems that are moved regularly.


Many have issues with grass growing up into the netting and robbing it of energy, this net has the bottom two wires free to allow greater distance from the ground without compromising efficiency.


Livestok Sheep Netting features risers made of more rigid polypropylene material that assist in maintaining the fence in an upright stance. Overall maintenance and installation times are reduced.


Flexinett electric Sheep Netting risers are made of the same material as the rest of the net and are more flexible. Flexinett are one of the longest established brands of electric netting in the world.
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  • Livestok Sheep Netting

    The Livestok Electric Sheep net is more stable than other Sheep nets The semi-rigid plastic vertical riser (shown below) every 30cm in place of plain poly wire creates a very...
    From £83.00
  • Turbomax Sheep Net

    Turbomax Electric Sheep Netting. With this sheep net the bottom two wires are not energised. Thus, the current-carrying wires have less contact with the vegetation and it is less likely to...
  • Flexinett Sheep Netting

    Electrified Sheep Netting - the Ultimate Protection The 90 cm high net has 8 horizontal wires of which 7 are electrified. 105cm high net has 9 horizontal wires of which...
    From £90.00
  • Ultimate HotGate

    The Ultimate HotGate for Electric Poultry Netting A gateway to give you access to the poultry pen and avoid wear and tear on the main fence. This Gate allows you...
    From £45.00
  • Netting Corner Balance Posts.

    Netting Corner Balance Post. Use to install at the corners of poultry netting so that a greater tension may be applied resulting in a neater, more efficient net It is...
  • Spare Netting Posts or Netting Repair Kit

    Spare Netting posts of various lengths or a Netting Repair Kit. A range of posts of varying sizes to fit different nets. The 50, 75 and 90 cm posts are all...
    From £3.20
  • Weed Suppressor for Electric Netting.

    An Excellent way to improve the effectiveness of your nets. Prevents the growth of weeds up into the nets which will cause a serious reduction of efficiency. Greatly reduces the management requirement...
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