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Solar Electric Fencing Energisers

  • For the more remote or the environmentally aware customer there is also a solar powered energiser option saving the chore of constantly charging batteries and ensures constant supply of power to the fence.
  • These units are combined and ideally matched for maximum performance. 
  • We have being carrying out several studies and have tested various systems in the field. Our conclusion is that a 20w monocrystalline solar panel is needed to ensure that a 2 joule fencer battery is kept fully charged and functional throughout the majority of weather conditions - including Winter.
  • Below the 2 Joule rating a 10 watt panel will be adequate.
  • With a solar panel constantly recharging your 12volt battery it is now feasible to leave your fencer for extended periods with no maintenance.
  • All solar powered energisers are supplied with a 2 year warranty* and are covered by a comprehensive repair facility for your peace of mind
  • It is possible to boost the output of a solar panel. 
  • Our energisers comply with the European Standard EN 60335- 2-76 and do not cause radio or TV interference. Our energisers also comply with European Directive (EMC) 89/336/EEC) and are printed with the CE mark.

* Warranty is against manufacturing faults and does not cover damage caused by flooding, animal damage or lightning strike. The solar panels have a glass surface so will need better consideration where they are sited.

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