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Ultimate Chicken Nettings

Electric Fencing for your horses or chickens

Over 30 years experience. A specialist on your side.

  • The tallest, most secure Electric Fencing, Chicken netting and sheep netting for your Ultimate security.
  • Create yourself a secure, safe and robust installation.
  • Manufacturing Electric fencing energisers for over 60 years is YOUR guarantee we provide quality products. Over 30 years of service is OUR guarantee to you getting the best service.
  • We supply the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. 

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Electric Fencing products delivered to all UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.  Delivery Terms#

What are the advantages of electric fencing over conventional barrier fence?

 Electric fencing costs less, is easier to install, requires less maintenance and can control livestock better than barbed wire or many other types of fencing. In addition, livestock are frequently injured by barbed wire and will damage woven-wire fences by leaning on the fence.

ALL mammals will avoid contact with electric fencing, Therefor it will last longer than other types of fence. Barbed wire or woven-wire fences may only last 7 - 12 years, while permanent, high tensile, electric fences can last 20 plus years. DO NOT connect an energiser to barbed wire.

What is a Joule? A measurement of energy in electric fencing.

A joule is a unit of work equal to product one watt for one second. It Is the measure of the pop, snap, shock, or kick or the pain/discomfort of the output pulse felt by the animal when touching the electric fence. (More Information on Joules)

 How moisture resistant are Electric Fencing Energisers?

They are water resistant but not water proof - don't chuck them into a puddle of water. The printed circuit board is coated in moisture resistant varnish with a fungicide added for use in tropical climates. The transformers are vacuum impregnated with varnish. Also all fencing energisers are tested by to a humidity of 90% at a temperature of 86 degrees F for 48 hours, water spray for two hours and hose down tests of 5 gallons of water per minute. 

Is electric fencing okay for horses?

Yes. Electric fencing is preferred when fencing in horses as they learn to respect it very quickly and they will keep away from it. Neither will a horse rub against the fence possibly bringing harm to itself and the fence. Not only safe for horses - safe for chickens too and keeps the foxes away. (Complete explanation of Safety of Electric Fencing.)

If someone touches the electric fence, will they be locked on to it?

No. The pulse sent down electric fencing is every second or so and lasts only a fraction of a second so the snap an animal feels causes a momentary jerk and then the current is off. Anybody touching it is not going to get a reflex which holds them to the wire - that only happens in cartoons!

More Frequently Asked Queries.

Adding an Electric Fence to a Post and Rail Horse Fence.

How often have you seen a traditional post and rail fence looking terrible, leaning over and wobbly? 
These types of fences have been used for years for horses in the United Kingdom look good, last for up to 20 years, but requires a fair bit of maintenance and is very expensive to install. Invariably a 1200 pound horse leans against it to get at that morsel just out of reach. This causes the post to move in the soil and the rail to sag/break.
Frequently post-and-rail fencing are combined with a top strand of electric fencing that prevents the weight being transferred to the post - greatly extending the life of this expensive fence. This wire may also be tapped off to create internal paddock sub-divisions improving the grazing. Electric Fencing will keep the fence looking immaculate.

Chewing the top rail by horses which reduces its lifespan and increases maintenance costs. will also be prevented by a single electrified wire

*Warranty on all energisers cover all manufacturing faults and not damage by flooding, water ingress, animal damage or lightning strike. Warranty on plastic products refers only to Ultra Violet degradation of the polyplastic compound and not mechanical breakages.

# There are a few exceptions - See the Delivery Terms.


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