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Electric Fencing Equipment for Horses and Chickens

Manufactured Electric fencing energisers for over 60 years is YOUR guarantee we provide quality products.
  • Over 30 years of service is OUR guarantee for you getting the best service.
  • A wide range of Electric Fencing for horses
  • The tallest, most secure Electric Chicken netting, and electric sheep netting for your animals security is available here.

Our most popular Electric Fencing categories.

  • All Types of Netting- Chickens, Foxes, Sheep, Rabbits or Deer
  • Chicken Nets 40% Taller, 90% Safer.
  • Eliminate the chance of a Fox eating your chickens.
Tall Chicken Netting
  • Wide range of Strong, Robust Energisers designed for Horses, Cattle, Foxes, Chickens.
  • Local repair facility
  • Long Guarantees on our quality conductors. Green, White or Brown.
  •  Strong weave and highly conductive. A large range for your choice.
Electric Horse Tape
  • From 0.75 to 1.80 Meter long horse posts. 
  • White, Green, Metal or Stirrup foot - a very wide range for you.
Electric horse posts
  • Wide range for Horse Tapes, rope or wire.
  • Screw-in or Nail-on, Clamp or Free-running.
Electric Fencing Insulators
  • Complete, Ready-to-use kits for Horses and other animals.
  • Buy, install and use - simple.
Electric Fencing Kits


What are the advantages of electric fencing over conventional barrier fence?

 An electric fence costs less, is easier to install, requires less maintenance and can control livestock better than barbed wire or many other types of fencing. In addition, livestock are frequently injured by barbed wire and will damage woven-wire fences by leaning on the fence.

ALL mammals will avoid contact with an electric shock, Therefor it will last longer than other types of fence. Barbed wire or woven-wire fences may only last 7 - 12 years, while permanent, high tensile, electric fences can last 20 plus years. 

Electric Netting.

The Ultimate Chicken Net is the tallest true Anti-Fox net available. At 1.45 meters tall it will keep your chickens safe. The Livestok Sheep netting is the only net with semi-rigid risers in place of the normal floppy risers so your net is far more stable in high winds.

All nets are made with high conductive materials - 0.1 Ohms/meter and welded joints.

Electric Fence Energisers.

A fencing Energiser is the pounding heart of any system. Ours are specially designed for each class of animal. Over 65 years of continual manufacturing and development plus a comprehensive repair facility ensures your energiser is perfect for you.

Horse Tapes and Ropes.

45 years since they appeared on the market we have been able to supply quality horse Tapes. Very good conductivity and long guarantees our product. Our electric fencing tape for horses has a wide weave that allows the wind to blow through and re-enforced edges, helping to ensure that the tape is less affected by wind under all adverse weather conditions. 

Electric Fencing Horse Posts.

Our Ultimate heavyweight electric fence posts in both Green or White are supplied

THREE Year guarantee* LOW maintenance and GOOD quality = an EFFECTIVE fence.

Built to last in the toughest conditions. All the plastic electric fence posts we sell are moulded from solid plastic that will hold up to the pressures exerted on your fence. 

Electric Fence Insulators.

You may think that all Electric Fence insulators are the same. Quality will greatly affect the reliability and effectiveness of your fence. There are many types available for all kinds of rope, wire or tape. We only sell electric fence insulators that have premium insulation quality in excess of 20000 volts to ensure YOUR electric fence is effective.

Is an Electric Fence Safe?

Categorically Yes - The 6000 volt shock of an electric fence sounds as if it should kill you - WRONG, this fence is rendered safe in various ways - by reducing the amperage below lethal levels and by releasing the electricity in very short pulses followed by a reasonable interval allowing the mammal to get away from the impulse. For a more detailed explanation please follow this  link to an electric fence safety manual

*Warranty on all energisers cover all manufacturing faults and not damage by flooding, water ingress, animal damage or lightning strike. Warranty on plastic products refers only to Ultra Violet degradation of the polyplastic compound and not mechanical breakages.

# There are a few exceptions - See the Delivery Terms.


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