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Double insulated High Voltage underground cable for Electric Fences

  • Double insulated High Voltage capacity cable (12000 volts) used to connect multiple earth stakes
  • Must also be used to connect internally housed mains units to the fence.
  • Connect fences by running beneath a gate or other open ground.
  • The High Voltage cable is 1.6 mm and available in different lengths, 10m, 25m, 50m or 100m reels
  • Center core is 1.6 mm steel wire and is suitable for most operations up to 500m. Conductivity;- 0.098 Ohms/metre
  • The 2.5mm core cable is available in 50m lengths and may be used to carry power upto 1700m from the energiser. Conductivity;- 0.036 Ohms/metre
  • Watertight joins may be effected by using an Epoxy Jointing Kit
  • The Joining Kit allows you to join lengths of cable together.
  • Also known as Lead Out Cable or 

Simply plug your energiser into a suitable plug point, attach the High Voltage cable to the live terminal and then run this single core High Voltage cable out to the fence. This is a lot easier than running a 3 core extension out to the fence with its plugs and sockets and then protecting it from the weather. The energiser stays safe in your shed. Additionally the potential voltage drop along a cable is lower when carrying a high voltage than a low 220v current. No additional plugs are required, simply bare the end of the cable and nip it in the terminal on the energiser and attach the other end to the fence using a Wire Connector. The same type of cable may be used to connect the energiser to your earth stake.

High Volt Cable


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