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Complete Electric Fencing Kits



  • Simple and easy to use kits
  • Powerful energisers for easy expansion.
  • Ideal for keeping your Horses in.
Electric Fencing Kits for Horses
  • Protect your Chickens from a hungry fox with these simple, complete Kits 
  • Powerful and versatile Battery or Mains powered energisers
Complete chicken electric netting kits
  • Powerful and versatile mains or battery energisers.
  • Strong weave and highly effective options for your choice.
Complete anti-fox netting kits
  • Everything you need to get your fence started.
  • Stable Livestok Netting or stock fencing. Powerful energisers.
Complete sheep fencing kits
  • Tall nets at 145 cm. 
  • Powerful, Versatile Energisers 
Complete electric fence kits for deer
  • Electric fences offer a great way to keep badgers out of gardens
  • Buy, install and use - simple and effective.
Complete Electric Fence kit for badgers
  • Electric fences offer a great way to keep Wild Boar out of gardens
  • and Keep your pigs in.
Pig electric fencing kits


  • No need to search through the whole website to find the products you need.
  • Ideal if you are not sure what you need to set up your first electric fence. Additional items may be added to the kit should you decide they will be of benefit to you.
  • Different grades of a product may be selected at your discretion.
Using a kit process is recommended if you are not sure of what makes up the necessary products for an electric fence - or an electric net. The basic products are marked as essential but you may select variations of those products.

There will then be additional accessories that may be nice to have and may be added without having to search through the website.

Electric Fencing Kits for Horses.

Both mains powered and 12v battery powered Electric Fence kits are available.

Electric fencing kits for chickens.

Again both options are available including the tall Ultimate Poultry Net at 145cm (4ft 9in) is the tallest on the market. The nets are available in 50m or 25m lengths and a Hotgate may be added should you wish to. All the nets are green. Everything required for a poultry fence is on one easy page.

Electric fencing kits for sheep.

The Electric Sheep Kits offer the superior Livestok Sheep Net in 90cm (3ft). These superior nets have semi rigid plastic risers making the net far easier to maintain and retains its shape of more undulating ground.
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