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Chicken Feeders and Drinkers

A selection of Chicken Husbandry products suitable for the small chicken producers. Chicken farming made easy.  Keeping chickens is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it's raising chicks, keeping a few laying hens for the best eggs or raising tasty broilers for your table - these will help you achieve your target.
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  • Vintage Chicken Drinkers

    Vintage Style Enamelled Steel Drinkers These stylish, vintage style drinkers look great in any setting. Manufactured from high quality enamelled steel, these will give you years of service. Complete with...
    From £17.00
  • Economy Plastic Drinker

    These siphon chicken drinkers are made of 100 percent extremely durable plastic. The drinker is easy to clean and very robust. 1.5L size suitable for 2 chickens3L size suitable for...
    From £2.50
  • Bulk Chicken Drinker.

    Handy Bulk Chicken Drinker. The bulk siphon drinker has a capacity of 22 litres and ensures a constant, clean and fresh water supply for your chickens. The water flows automatically...
    From £33.22
  • Galvanised Steel Chicken Feeders.

    Long-lasting Galvanised Steel Chicken Drinkers. The style is as old as the hills and still the best. May be placed on the ground or suspended. Galvanized treated steel Robust and...
    From £16.25
  • Mountain Chicken Feeder.

    Easy to Use Plastic Chicken Feeders. UV-resistant can be used standing or hanging easy cleaning  
    From £2.70
  • Automatic Bulk Chicken Feeder

    This feeding trough can be easily mounted on a wall. It has a feed capacity of 10 kg. Its rain cover protects the feed from bad weather. Moreover, it serves...
  • Infrared Heat Reflector.

    Infra-Red Heat Reflector. Adapted for Infra Red bulbs and energy saving lamps to a maximum of 250 Watts. Aluminium 20cm protective cage and galvanised grid. Hanging chain supplied. CE Quality...
    From £17.25
  • Philips Infra Red Bulbs

    Infra-Red Reflector Bulbs. Philips Infrared reflector bulbs are designed for the most difficult environmental conditions. It is characterized by stronger construction due to the use of tempered glass. Due to...
    From £5.60
  • Horizont Infra Red Bulbs

    Infra-Red Reflector Bulbs. Horizont Infrared reflector bulbs are designed for the most difficult environmental conditions. Due to its compact shape and universal screw connection, the lamp can be used with...
    From £6.30
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