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Electric Fence Energisers


TWO year to FIVE year Guarantee on Fence Energisers*. Full repair facilities.

The energisers that we supply comply with the relevant European/British Standards BSEN 61011 220V/110V, BSEN 61011-2 Battery, BS 60335-2-76 and relevant EMC Standards and printed with the CE mark.

Select the type of Electric Fence Energiser you need.

  • 220 volt Mains Powered Fence Chargers.
  • Reliable, Powerful and Energy Efficient.
  • ALL comply with all European Standards.
220 v Mains Fence Energiser
  • Connect to any Standard 12 volt Battery- Car or Leisure.
  • Light, Portable, Easy to use anywhere.
  • All energisers are polarity protected and rain proofed.
12 volt battery powered fence energiser
  • Uses either 220 volt OR 12 v Battery Energy
  • Maximum versatility with low consumption.
  • Powerful and reliable with a warranty.
Dual 220 volt and 12 volt battery energiser
  • Environmentally sensitive solution.
  • Panels are matched to the energiser for best results.
  • No need to constantly charge a battery.
Solar powered fence energiser.
  • Very light and extremely portable.
  • Rain proof and may be left exposed to the elements
  • Extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate housing.
9 volt battery powered fence energiser.
  • Recent thefts of expensive energisers
  • Very hard to disguise the fences' presence
  • Simple effective measures to reduce theft
Anti-Theft electrc fence energisers

Very Tight Quality Control Manufacturing Energisers.

All plastic parts are of polycarbonate construction. This is an extremely hard plastic, which will withstand temperatures of –35c. Flame retardant materials in the plastic prevent the plastic from burning. 

All mains energizers are flash tested and a record is kept on our computer system. All battery units are bench tested for current, speed and output voltage. All approved energizers are made to cover the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to individuals. All energizers meet these standards. 

We have a factory inspection every three months. The inspector checks certificates of conformity and components used ensuring that all safety components used i.e. fuses, capacitors and transformers have the relevant mark on them.

Very long pedigree in Fence Energiser Manufacturing

Horizont began energiser production over 60 years ago in 1953, therefore all energisers offered to you have this extensive German experience and research with over 50 patents built into their pedigree.
Pertinent use of modern technology has resulted in our electric fence energisers being able to deliver to your requirements under extreme situations whilst the HotShock and HoriSmart energisers offer you improved features over standard energisers on the market.

What to Look for in a Fence Energiser.

The Fence Energiser needs to be powerful enough to deliver a definite jolt when your horse (or target animal) touches it, even when its current is reduced by vegetation touching the fence line or (as sometimes happens) by moist, dewy early-morning conditions. Look for Electric fencing energisers that are rated by OUTPUT JOULES, this is a measure of the oomph with which the energiser is pulsing its thousands of volts of current into the fence once every second. One joule is a minimum rating for fencing that encloses up to five acres, it is recommend getting the most powerful energiser you can afford. A higher joule rating doesn't mean the fence's jolt--which can't injure horses or other animals--will be harder or more painful, but that it will be more consistent. The shock is created by the volts and the majority of energisers run between 4-6000. Only the specialist ones like the HotShock run at higher voltages to control difficult animals (Deer and other wildlife)

Remember - a wimpy fence energiser will give you a wimpy fence.

Mains powered energisers are cost effective to run and are generally more powerful than battery powered models. Always give serious consideration to installing a mains powered fence energiser and don't dismiss the idea, just because there isn't a power supply next to the fence. The mains energiser works pretty much the same way as a battery model, only with longer earth and fence leads, which you make using a lead out cable. It's possible to run High Voltage insulated cable up to 1/4 mile from an energiser to the fence without significant power loss.


* Warranty is against manufacturing faults and does not cover damage caused by flooding, water ingress, animal damage or lightning strike. Length of warranty varies between models.

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