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Theft of Fencing Energisers is on the increase.


  • The popularity of Electric Fencing has led to an increase in thefts of expensive energisers.
  • By the very nature that a battery driven electric fence energiser is left in remote rural areas invariably on the edge of fields means that they are easy targets.
  • It is very hard to disguise their presence so a thief has to simply follow the fence to find the energiser and purloin it leaving valuable livestock to be free to roam or removing the necessary protection from predators.
  • Our energisers comply with the European Standard EN 60335- 2-76 and do not cause radio or TV interference. Our energisers also comply with European Directive (EMC) 89/336/EEC) and are printed with the CE mark.
  • All energisers are covered by a manufacturers warranty*
  • These measures are simple but effective measures to reduce theft.

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* Warranty is against manufacturing faults and does not cover damage caused by flooding, animal damage or lightning strike.

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  • Electrifiable Box for electric fences

    Stop theft of your vulnerable energiser and battery. The entire box may be locked and electrified, the whole box is live so that a thief is well and truly shocked by the...
    From £70.00
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