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Electrified Fox Netting

FOXES are the bane of free-range chickens, STOP your chickens going down the throat of a fox by using electric fox netting.

  • Now you may have truly free-range solution, knowing your chickens or sheep will be safe and away from dangerous foxes with a much better quality of life than constantly cooping them up in a small enclosed run.
  • Why confine your poultry to small runs just to protect them from being eaten by a fox?
  • 25m or 50m Electric Netting is extremely effective as shown in this trial - How Effective is Electric Fencing?
  • Electric Fox Netting allows you to move the feeding area easily - a truly free range solution.
  • Electric Netting is very easy to erect and highly portable.- How to Erect an Electric Net.
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  • Deer/Fox Net

    The 145cm (4ft 10in) Ultimate Deer/Fox Net is the most effective  available The simplest net - Un-pack it, un-roll it, spike it in to ground in any shape you want...
  • Livestok Sheep Netting

    The Livestok Electric Sheep net is more stable than other Sheep nets The semi-rigid plastic vertical riser (shown below) every 30cm in place of plain poly wire creates a very...
    From £80.00
  • Ultimate Chicken Netting

    The 145cm (4ft 10in) tall Ultimate ELECTRIC CHICKEN NET is the most effective fox proofing available Protect your chickens from a fox - 38% Taller - 90% EXTRA PROTECTION Give yourself great...
  • Flexinett Chicken Netting

    Electric Flexinett Chicken netting keeps your chickens safe. More people are keeping friendly chickens in their back yard because you love the returns they offer. Why should you have to keep...
  • Flexinett Sheep Netting

    Electrified Sheep Netting - the Ultimate Protection The 90 cm high net has 8 horizontal wires of which 7 are electrified. 105cm high net has 9 horizontal wires of which...
    From £86.00
  • Ultimate HotGate

    The Ultimate HotGate for Electric Poultry Netting A gateway to give you access to the poultry pen and avoid wear and tear on the main fence. It is 1.25m wide,...
  • Spare Netting Posts or Netting Repair Kit

    Spare Netting posts of various lengths or a Netting Repair Kit. A range of posts of varying sizes to fit different nets. The 50, 75 and 90 cm posts are all...
    From £2.90
  • Ultimate Tall Fox Netting Kit

    The Ultimate in Fox Protection. Very Tall Chicken Netting Kit suitable to use with either 220 volt mains or 12v Battery The tall 145 cm chicken nets will give 40%...
    From £215.00
  • Netting Corner Balance Posts.

    Netting Corner Balance Post. Use to install at the corners of poultry netting so that a greater tension may be applied resulting in a neater, more efficient net It is...
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