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Premium Quality Electric Fencing to Exclude Deer from your Garden.

  • Deer can cause a lot of damage very quickly to valuable and cherished plants in your garden. This netting will exclude them humanely and safely.
  • Electric Deer Netting is highly effective at excluding deer and very portable, easy to erect and move should you wish to do so.
  • May be used either as a temporary solution or left in place for a permanent solution.

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  • Deer/Fox Net

    The 145cm (4ft 10in) Ultimate Deer/Fox Net is the most effective  available The simplest net - Un-pack it, un-roll it, spike it in to ground in any shape you want...
  • Netting Corner Balance Posts.

    Netting Corner Balance Post. Use to install at the corners of poultry netting so that a greater tension may be applied resulting in a neater, more efficient net It is...
  • Deer Fencing Kit, Battery or 220v Mains

    Stop Deer from infiltrating your land, flower beds and vegetable gardens with this Electric Fencing kit. This kit will protect your flowers and vegetables, or whole garden, from devastation by...
    From £250.00
  • Spare Netting Posts and Netting Repair Kit

    Spare Netting posts of various lengths and Netting Repair Kits. A range of posts of varying sizes to fit different nets. The 50, 75 and 90 cm posts are all...
    From £2.90
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