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Electric Fencing Tape Insulators

Tape Insulators that ensure your fence is at its very best

  • Good tape insulators are vital to an efficient electric fence. Minimum of 20000 volts.
  • These insulators will make sure that your tape touches nothing but plastic and works as you want it.
  • We can't emphasize enough how important it is to use proper insulation on your fence.
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  • Wide Tape Insulator

    A tough and reliable insulator for wide tapes. For use with free-flowing tapes up to 40 mm. This insulator is attached to a wood post by using nails or screws,...
  • Clamp Ranger Tape Insulator

    Premium Screw-in Tape Over Locking Insulator Securely holds the tape. Un-clip the top and insert the tape. Any tape up to 40 mm. Screw on or nail on format. Very...
    From £11.00
  • Snug Insulator HotStop I20

    A very tough, robust insulator for permanent, long term electric fences Used in permanent wire fences where longevity is essential. Thick plastic moulding and high UV protection gives long life...
    From £13.00
  • Clamp Insulator

    A Clamp Tape Insulator for the smartest Electric Fencing The positive Screw-down clamp feature of the Clamp Insulator guarantees that the required tension is maintained in the tape The screw construction...
  • Tape Gate Insulator

    Tape Gate Insulator Up to 40mm Tape attachment with an insulated screw-in insulator for a wooden post. Galvanised steel construction gives you excellent longevity and secure transmission of the Electric...
  • Tape End/Corner Insulator

    Top quality Stainless Steel insulator for the ends of your electric fence Stainless Steel post and clip - no chance of rusting and having to replace them. Enables all types of...
  • Turbomax Insulator

    A highly advanced Tape Insulator Allows tape to be securely fastened and joined with the lead-out cable from the energizer. Nail-on attachment. Supplied as a single unit . Massive insulation body...
  • Off-Set Tape Insulator

    Dramatically Protect your Expensive Post and Rail fence by adding a Stand off insulator with a Hot Tape The Stand off insulator is used to improve the effectiveness of existing...
    From £26.00
  • Heron Pond Posts.

    Versatile Steel Brackets. This 270mm angled steel bracket is fitted with three adjustable position insulators, which make it perfect for protecting ponds and gardens from wild birds, foxes and other nuisance...
  • Clamp Insulator With Gate Attachment

    Clamp Insulator with Gate Attachment. Clamp insulator with connection buckle for a gate hook. or a Connection Plate for tape up to 40mm. Two plastic screws offer you a secure,...
    From £5.40
  • Pig Post Insulator

    A strong Insulator for Pig Posts. Suitable for steel, round plastic or fibreglass posts with a diameter from 6 - 19mm. Securely clamps to a pigpost to create completely custom...
    From £10.25
  • Combination Insulator

    Combines two Great Quality insulators in one. A new combination insulator that will accept rope, all sizes of tapes, 10 - 40mm, and twine comfortably. Perfect for those users who...
    From £9.00
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