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Electric Fencing Tape Insulators

Tape Insulators that ensure your fence is at its very best

  • Good tape insulators are vital to an efficient electric fence. Minimum of 20000 volts.
  • These insulators will make sure that your tape touches nothing but plastic and works as you want it.
  • We can't emphasize enough how important it is to use proper insulation on your fence.
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  • Wide Tape Insulator

    A tough and reliable insulator for wide tapes. For use with free-flowing tapes up to 40 mm. This insulator is attached to a wood post by using nails or screws,...
  • Clamp Ranger Tape Insulator

    Premium Screw-in Tape Over Locking Insulator Securely holds the tape. Un-clip the top and insert the tape. Any tape up to 40 mm. Screw on or nail on format. Very...
    From £11.15
  • HotStop I20

    A very tough, robust insulator for permanent, long term electric fences Used in permanent wire fences where longevity is essential. Thick plastic moulding and high UV protection gives long life...
    From £9.70
  • Clamp Insulator

    A Clamp Tape Insulator for the smartest Electric Fencing The positive Screw-down clamp feature of the Clamp Insulator guarantees that the required tension is maintained in the tape The screw construction...
  • Tape Gate Insulator

    Tape Gate Insulator Up to 40mm Tape attachment with an insulated screw-in insulator for a wooden post. Galvanised steel construction gives you excellent longevity and secure transmission of the Electric...
  • Tape End/Corner Insulator Tape End/Corner Insulator
    Sold Out

    Tape End/Corner Insulator

    Top quality Stainless Steel insulator for the ends of your electric fence Stainless Steel post and clip - no chance of rusting and having to replace them. Enables all types of...
  • Turbomax Insulator

    A highly advanced Tape Insulator Allows tape to be securely fastened and joined with the lead-out cable from the energizer. Nail-on attachment. Supplied as a single unit . Massive insulation body...
  • Off-Set Tape Insulator

    Dramatically Protect your Expensive Post and Rail fence by adding a Stand off insulator with a Hot Tape The Stand off insulator is used to improve the effectiveness of existing...
    From £23.00
  • Combination Insulator

    Combines two Great Quality insulators in one. A new combination insulator that will accept rope, all sizes of tapes, 10 - 40mm, and twine comfortably. Perfect for those users who...
    From £8.00
  • Pig Post Insulator

    A strong Insulator for Pig Posts. Suitable for steel, round plastic or fibreglass posts with a diameter from 6 - 19mm. Securely clamps to a pigpost to create completely custom...
  • Clamp Insulator With Gate Attachment

    Clamp Insulator with Gate Attachment. Clamp insulator with connection buckle for a gate hook. or a Connection Plate for tape up to 40mm. Two plastic screws offer you a secure,...
    From £5.00
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