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TLD Max Technology


Electric Fencing received a boost this week when Agrisellex announced the release of a range of products incorporating their new TLD Max conductor technology that will be incorporated into their Horse Tape, Rope and Twine ranges

TLD Technology is based on an metallic alloy that may be incorporated into tapes, twines and ropes popular with all users of electric fencing.

Unlike a standard stock fence, an electric fence is totally reliant on the electricity running through the conductors to contain or exclude the target animal so the ability to conduct electricity is central to an electric fence's success. This ability to conduct electricity is measured in Ohms/meter and is a numerical reflection of the resistance of the metal to carry electricity. The higher the figure means the greater the resistance in the conductor - the less electricity will be transmitted to the target animal.


The conductivity of the TLD Max alloy is substantially better than the standard Stainless Steel conductors and is comparable with Tinned Copper filaments commonly used in current materials. When comparing similar conductors it has 36 times better electronic conductive capacity than Stainless Steel and is similar to expensive tinned Copper compounds generally considered to be the best on the market and used in all quality products. Measuring similar thickness's of the three products shows that Stainless Steel will have a conductivity of 6.0 Ohms/meter whilst Tinned Copper is 0.04 Ohms/m. The new TLD Max compound is comparable to expensive copper at 0.17 Ohms/m and far superior to the Stainless Steel filaments.

Copper is a soft metal subject to weathering. This is the reason it is coated with a layer of tin - hence Tinned Copper - to prevent this natural weathering process. The tensile strength of copper is also low and it is subject to breakages. Copper itself is a very expensive metal to begin with hence it is only used in the high priced products.

Stainless Steel is not affected by this weathering process and its tensile strength is good hence offsetting its poor conductive properties.

The TDL Max alloy is resistant to weathering and has good tensile strength so combining the positive properties of previous compounds into one superior product.

TDL Max will be incorporated into the already popular and successful range of premium Turbomax Horse Tapes, Powerline Rope and EquiStop Horse Tapes ranges of equestrian tapes, ropes and twines currently on offer from Agrisellex Electric Fencing.
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