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Electric Fencing Rope

  • Ropes have several woven conducting filaments resulting in an Electric fence that is highly conductive and as powerful as you need it to be. Tightly woven fibres make the rope tough and resilient.
  • 200 meter, 400 meter or 800 meter Reels are offered for your convenience in different ranges.
  • Last far longer, most have a manufacturers warranty* .
  • Not affected by wind so less "flapping" than tapes. Smaller surface area so less UV sunlight damage, ropes last longer and are less affected by wind.


Remember - the lower the Ohms/meter figure the better the conductivity. The more conductive the rope the more powerful and reliable your fence will be.

*Warranty applies to the UV conditioning of the plastic product - it does not cover mechanical breaking of the metal filaments.

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  • White Electric Fencing Rope.

    Low Price and Effective Standard quality rope with 6 stainless steel conductors. White and highly visible. Ideal for shorter fences, splitting fields and small paddocks. This is a 6mm rope...
    From £16.50
  • Ranger Hot-Stop Rope Ranger Hot-Stop Rope
    Sold Out

    Ranger Hot-Stop Rope

    Premium Electric fence rope at a great price Incorporating a metallic alloy technology for greater strength and better electrical conductivity resulting in a more effective fence. By presenting a lower cross-section...
    From £21.00
  • Green Powerline 6mm Rope

    High Quality Green Electric Fence Rope Incorporating New Metalic Alloy Technology for greater strength and better electrical conductivity resulting in a more effective fence.  50 x better conductivity than standard...
    From £21.00
  • Turbomax Electric Fencing Ropes

    Our Premium Electric Fence rope The Turbomax Rope with its TLD Alloy conductors provides superb conductivity, high breaking strain, extra long life and protection against UV damage. With the Turbomax's...
    From £40.00
  • FlexBraid Rope FlexBraid Rope
    Sold Out

    FlexBraid Rope

    Braided Electric Fencing Rope In this special braided Electric Fencing rope, a double helix of metal conductors and plastic filaments are braided together round a central core rather than twisted...
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