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High Tension Electric Fencing Wire

Electric Fencing wire has the lowest resistance and the highest conductivity of all conductors.

  • Fencing wire is unlike any rope or tape - it is one big conducting filament that ensures that conductivity surpasses all other alternatives. This is perfect for extremely long fences.
  • Remember - the lower the Ohms/meter, the better the conductivity. The more conductive the wire is - the more effective and reliable your fence will be. 
  • The Stranded wire is very easy to use providing maximum security.
  • The Galvador solid metal wire is extremely tough and can handle immense tension - even from large animals such as an Elephant.
  • Aluminium/Zinc hot-dip galvanising process ensures that the wire will accept a regular charge - this gives our wire a lifespan of possibly 4 times longer than standard brushed galvanised fencing wire - typically in excess of 20 years.
  • Frequently used to fortify Post and Rail fences and in free range pig enclosures
If you want a permanent, solid long-lasting fence - then electric fencing wire could be the solution for you.
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  • HotStop 7 Strand Wire

    Top Quality Stranded Electric Fencing Wire Amazing conductivity at an Amazing price. Non-tempered galvanized wire for use in free-range piggeries and permanent fencing. Very good conductivity 0.12 Ohms/meter Very tightly...
    From £10.00
  • Galvador 1.6 mm Wire

    Your best option for Permanent Electric Fences Very low restance of only 0.07 Ohms/m with a breaking strain of 750kg. This wire is 1.6mm and supplied in reels of 315...
  • Three Reel Fencing System

    Three Reel Fencing Kit. This is designed to form the complete portable fence assembly with three reels and mounting post. Reels may be disconnected and used seperately as required.Supplied complete...
  • Geared 3 Reel Electric Fence Kits. Steel or Twine

    Geared Reel Systems. A very practical way to sub-divide a field, takes minutes to erect and remove. Create a temporary enclosure very quickly. The reels are geared and supplied with...
  • Galvador 2.5 mm Wire

    Your best option for Permanent Electric Fences Very low resistance of only 0.04 Ohms/m with a breaking strain of 1000 kg. This wire is 2.5 mm and supplied in reels...
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