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Our association with Electric fencing began in the early 1980's covering Central Africa where we used electric fencing to assist farmers, wildlife conservationists and entrepreneurs to control the African wildlife. This involved a huge range of animals from Elephant down to the common rabbit. One particularly satisfying project was assisting to secure the safety of the declining Black Rhino population in Wildlife conservancies.

Re-located to the UK in 2000 and after gaining experience in UK conditions with Horizont, began trading in 2006. We have since become proficient in the Equestrian side of Electric fencing in addition to the normal environmental and agricultural application of the product over the last few years.

Recent contracts have included working with a prominent oil company to protect their Siberian oil facilities from attacks from bears. Reducing the Human/Elephant conflict in Africa and contributing to the re-release of wild wolves in Italy.

Agrisellex is pleased to be associated and a consultant with horizont Agrartechnik gmbh. This solid German company has been producing Electric fencing products for over 60 years. Among the top three largest brands world wide -the name "horizont" is widely known throughout the world for its excellence in electric fencing for livestock. It is synonymous with German quality and stands for more than 60 years of leading edge technology in research, development, manufacture and product superiority supported by a large number of international patents and trademarks. The activities of the company reflect the ever increasing demands from farmers and livestock owners for more reliable, less labour intensive and more secure livestock fencing.

In 2008, Horizont acquired the premier UK firm - Hotline Electric Fencing - further enhancing the ability to develop an unsurpassed range of electric fencing products. As a result of this we have the resources of two warehouses - one here in the UK and the main warehouse in Germany which essentially covers the whole of Europe.

Thousands of Equestrian personnel and Farmers world-wide appreciate the highly developed technology of horizont's energisers. These are continually updated and new models incorporate many unique features that increase target safety and combat theft by allowing tracking of stolen energisers.

Agrisellex offers a full and complementary range of accessories for movable, permanent, and semi-permanent electric fences to suit the professional farmer, wildlife conservator, pet owner and for predator exclusion.

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