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High quality electric fence insulators for rope or twine

  • Ring Insulators that will insulate up to 28000 volts
  • Large flat anti-tracking surfaces to speed drying and reduce electrical tracking during wet periods.
  • Made of the highest quality polyplastic materials.
  • Very easy to install as the rope slides through an angled slot that secures the rope in the Insulator.
  • Rope and twine are not badly affected by the wind so all insulators are free flowing.

Two basic types of insulator;-

Ring Insulators.

These are the most common variety. They are designed to be screwed into a wood post utilising a moulded screw. The better quality have the metal shaft extending around the insulator. Those that simply butt into the plastic are more easily damaged either in installing the insulator or by animals brushing past. There is a handy tool that may be attached to a hand drill that makes installation very quick and easy.

Claw Insulators.

These have the appearance of two prongs bent to face each other. The main advantage being the ease with which a rope may be fed into them.

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  • Economy Ring Insulators

    Electric Fencing Ring Insulators you can afford Available in various pack sizes for your convenience. Supplied in packs of 25, 50 or 120 Insulators Very easy to use with rope,...
    From £6.10
  • Ultimate Ring Insulators

    Top Electric Fence Insulator on the Market - Insulates to 27000 volts. Time proven efficiency and longevity in hard day-by-day application. Wide anti-tracking rings ensure rapid drying and reducing shorting...
    From £9.75
  • Hotline Ultimate Ring Insulator

    The Ring Insulator is the strongest Insulator available Very easy on the hand and easy to install.  Very large drying surface to exclude rain and moisture. Long distance from the...
    From £12.00
  • Snug Insulator HotStop I20

    A very tough, robust insulator for permanent, long term electric fences Used in permanent wire fences where longevity is essential. Thick plastic moulding and high UV protection gives long life...
    From £13.00
  • Ranger Off-set Ring Insulator

    Stand Off Insulators dramatically increases the effectiveness of your existing fence. Ever seen your expensive Post and Rail fence pushed over? An existing stock fence or Post and Rail fence...
  • Off-set Ring Insulators

    Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your fence by adding Stand off insulator with a Hot Wire The Stand off distance insulator is used to improve the effectiveness of existing fences...
    From £8.20
  • Flexibarr

    Offset Insulators dramatically increase the effectiveness of a post and rail fence. Single Flexibarr. Mild steel with plastic insulator set 35cm from the post. Supplied in a pack of ten....
    From £23.50
  • Heron Pond Posts.

    Versatile Steel Brackets. This 270mm angled steel bracket is fitted with three adjustable position insulators, which make it perfect for protecting ponds and gardens from wild birds, foxes and other nuisance...
  • Corner Doughnut Insulator

    A sturdy, free-flowing corner insulator for rope and wire. Corner insulator with wood screw-in feature. May be used with all wires and ropes to 8 mm for re-direction at the...
    From £4.90
  • Egg Insulators

    A sturdy Corner/End Electric Fencing Egg Insulator.Used for your wire, rope or twine. Permanent solution for tensioned wire fences. Beefy construction for maximum insulation. High quality plastic giving superior insulating...
  • Drill Chuck for Insulators

    Drill attachment to Screw in insulators in seconds This aid may be fitted to a power drill to assist in screwing Insulators  into a wooden post.  Makes inserting insulators into...
  • Combination Insulator

    Combines two Great Quality insulators in one. A new combination insulator that will accept rope, all sizes of tapes, 10 - 40mm, and twine comfortably. Perfect for those users who...
    From £9.00
  • Gate Handle Insulator

    A solid insulator to attach a gate handle Standard loop and hook with an insulated screw-in attachment for a wooden post. The insulated attachment screws onto a wooden post. May...
  • Metal Post Ring Insulator

    Ring Insulator with a threaded shaft. Used with 2 mm or 3 mm angle iron steel posts. 6 mm steel shaft with metric threading. 30 mm thread length. 40 mm shaft...
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