A frequent query is how does an Electric Fence energiser electrify a fence? Essentially it is a basic transformer that creates a high voltage volt energy stream that may be used safely and effectively achieve what you, the customer, wants it to do.

The fence energiser is supplied with power from the 220 volt mains, a 12 or 9 volt battery or a rechargeable battery (some with solar support). When the device is earthed and connected to a fence, your circuit is not closed, energy cannot flow and the fence is sitting, waiting to be used.

If an animal now touches the fence, the electric circuit is closed by the animal: The energy flows from the fence through the animal to the earth and then back through the ground rod system to the energiser – this creates the standard electrical circuit.

An Electric Shock from an Electric Fence - Funny or Not Funny?

To eliminate the risk of a dangerous electric shock, the pasture fence energiser sends the charge to the fence in pulses. A high voltage must be generated so that the current can flow over the animal on contact. The energy must also be "portioned" so that a dangerous current does not flow with the high voltage.

  • 1/. The power supply is initially fed into a Flyback Converter which transforms the low 220/12 or 9 volt input voltage to about 600 volts and converts the 220 volt Alternating current to Direct Current.
  • 2/. This is then fed into the Capacitor which then stores the energy until required. This is the “Stored Energy” that is often quoted by manufacturers. As this is before it goes through the electrical processes it is an inflated figure of what is actually available.
  • 3/. In the Motherboard there is an electronic switch which controls the intervals at which the stored energy is released. This is normally once per second but may vary between models and manufacturers. 
  • 4/. The energy is then fed through a Micro-controller which monitors and sets the interval – normally in the region of 1/300th. of a second. The Amperage of the charge is reduced at this stage from 13 Amps to 15 - 500 milliAmps - depending on the model concerned.
  • 5/. This energy flow is then passed through a Step-up Transformer which converts the 600 volts to the high voltage (6000 - 12000v) depending on the model.. This is then fed to the fence through the connections. This is the “Output Energy,” - quoted as "Joules" and is that energy available for you to use. This more accurate reflection is always lower than the Stored Energy.
  • 6/. Some Horizont fence energisers are equipped with various, sometimes automatic, functions. These guarantee simple and flexible adaptation to the respective type of use, fence quality and vegetation. Moreover, you can get by with fewer batteries throughout the entire pasture fence season, as many devices are equipped with a power economiser. The premium products are made of a particularly stable and weather-resistant plastic. They are splash-proof protected, electrically well insulated and suitable for high operating temperatures in the sun. Some pasture fence energisers have an LED display that provides information about the state of the fence despite being far away. The control effort is reduced to a minimum because you can read the output voltage from the device.

How does an Electric Fence Energiser Work.

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