Placing a length of Weed Suppressant beneath an electric fence is an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of your nets.

One issue with electric chicken nets is the effect of weeds/grass growing up into the net. A small amount will have little effect but as more grows up then the effectiveness of the net will be reduced. Each blade of grass touching the energised filaments will draw off a bit of the energy so that if sufficient touch then all the energy will be drawn off and fence will no longer function.

The horizontal strands may be close to the ground depending on the type of net so grass may be an issue. Regular maintenance of the fence may be necessary either by using a strimmer or using a broad spectrum herbicide.

The Weed Suppressant (Builders Damp Course), is made of recycled low density Polyethylene, as a result it is an insulator in it's own right and will help with the insulation of the electric filaments that touch the ground when tension on the net is insufficient or when wind blows causing the net to touch the ground.

Another major benefit it does assist in reducing the effect of electric fencing to hedgehogs. A hedgehog does not have a flight mechanism so when it does get a shock from a net it tends to curl up. Unfortunately it may still be in contact with the net and continue to be shocked resulting in their demise. This Weed Suppressor allows the hedgehog to actually touch the net without getting a shock as it will be standing on the plastic and insulated from the ground.

Poultry Netting Weed Suppression.

  • Prevents the growth of weeds up into the nets which will cause a serious reduction of efficiency.
  • Greatly reduces the management requirement of your netting system.
  • Very easy to trim the excess weed growth with a strimmer if necessary. 
  • 225 mm wide (10 inches) gives ample width to use easily.
  • Place it below the bottom line of the net so that it prevents herbage from growing into your net.
  • No need to use herbicides to keep the net clean.
  • Manufactured from Recycled LDPE (Low density Polyethylene)- in itself an insulator.
  • Placed below the net it helps to insulate the net from the ground.
  • It forms an insulating sheet that dramatically reduces the possibility of hedgehogs getting trapped in the net.
Electric Chicken Nets with underlaid Weed Suppressant

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