Electric chicken netting, also known as electric poultry netting or electric fencing, offers several benefits for chicken owners. Here are some reasons why you might consider using electric chicken netting:

1/. Predator protection:   Electric netting acts as a physical barrier to keep predators such as foxes, mink, dogs, or feral cats away from your chickens. The electrified wires deliver a strong but safe electric shock to deter predators from attempting to breach the fence. This added layer of security helps protect your chickens from harm.

2/. Portability:   Electric chicken netting is designed to be easily moved and set up in different areas of your property. This feature allows you to rotate your chicken's grazing area, giving them fresh forage while preventing excessive wear and tear on a specific spot. Portable netting also allows you to establish temporary enclosures for various purposes, such as protecting garden beds from foraging chickens.

3/. Easy installation:  Electric chicken netting typically comes in preassembled rolls, making it relatively easy to install. Most netting systems include step-in posts that can be driven into the ground without the need for additional tools. This simplicity means you can quickly set up or take down the fence as needed.

4/. Cost-effective:   Compared to traditional permanent fencing options, electric chicken netting can be a more affordable alternative. It requires fewer materials and installation efforts, saving you money and time. Additionally, it can be a cost-effective solution for smaller flocks or temporary enclosures.

5/. Training and containment:   Electric netting is an effective way to train chickens to stay within a specific area. Once they encounter the electric shock, chickens quickly learn to respect the boundaries of the fence. This containment helps prevent chickens from wandering into potentially dangerous areas, neighbouring properties, or damaging your gardens.

6/. Versatility:   Electric chicken netting can be used not only for chickens but also for other poultry like ducks, geese, or turkeys. The fence can be customized in terms of height and configuration to suit different bird sizes and your specific needs.

It's important to note that while electric netting is effective in deterring most predators, regular monitoring of the fence and maintaining a secure coop are also essential for the safety of your chickens.

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