Electric fencing can be an effective way to keep chickens safe and contained within their designated area. Here are some things to consider when selecting electric fencing for chickens, choose the right type of fence - Two main types, Netting or Wire fencing:-

Chicken Netting.

  • Chicken netting is a mesh fence that is easy to install and provides a physical barrier.
  • Very easy to erect and move around and allow your chickens fresh grass.
  • Select the appropriate voltage: The voltage of the electric fence should be strong enough to deter chickens from trying to escape and at the same time deter foxes and other predators from accessing the chickens. A voltage between 4,000 and 6,000 volts is usually sufficient for chickens. Most energisers operate within this range.
  • Determine the appropriate height: The fence should be tall enough to prevent chickens from flying over it and also to prevent foxes from jumping over. For most chickens, a fence height of 4-6 feet is sufficient.
  • Install grounding: Proper grounding is essential for the fence to work effectively. The fence energiser should be connected to a grounding rod, and the fence wire should be properly grounded as well.
  • Regular maintenance: Regularly check the fence for any damage or malfunctions. Keep vegetation cleared away from the fence to prevent it from shorting out.
  • These may be supplied individually as required or there are electric chicken netting kits available which supply everything you need to set up an operation.

Wire Fencing.

Generally used around existing fences to prevent the predator of climbing a wall or getting through a fence.

  • Usually Off-set insulators are screwed into existing posts or along the top of a wall so a single or series of wires can be used to re-enforce that fence.
  • Usually of a permanent nature and does not allow new areas of grass being grazed by the hens. 
  • The comments about the energiser, earth stake and maintenance remain the same.
  • These are supplied as required and kits are not available.

Remember, electric fencing can be dangerous if not installed and used properly. Always follow manufacturer instructions and consider consulting with a professional if you have any questions or concerns.

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