Agrisellex has unwittingly become involved in a series of scams relating to a project allegedly emanating from the Namibian Government requesting the erection of a substantial electric fence in the northern district of Namibia. Well worth quoting on. This would require the supply of 200 energisers plus ancillary equipment.

June 2022, We have been made aware of a project in Zambia where this energiser is "recommended".
July 2022, A different contract in Namibia has surfaced with similar requirements.
December 2022. A different contract emanating from Zambia involving the supply of the 4000 Three Phase Inverter.
June 2023, Another "contract" in Mozambique.

The energiser specified is an "Agrisellex AG900." The contractor would search for a source of this and would be directed to this KapSolar website (2024 - no longer online) where the product is "available". This would be quoted for, and the applicant would submit his quote to the “Namibian Government” little realizing that the contract application would go to KapSolar as the contact address is the same. The contract would be “awarded” and a purchase and payment would be made to KapSolar for the supply of the equipment. Unfortunately, the product would not arrive.

Agrisellex or its partners do not manufacture the AG900, nor ANY of those products on the KapSolar website with the exception of the AG300 Solar Powered Energizer that is manufactured under licence for an American company who market it under their own name and called something totally different. It cannot run 30000 meters of fencing as quoted and is marketed into small holdings and backyard projects in the USA. KapSolar are simply using the image without authority. From the images - we DO know who does manufacture the rest of the energisers listed.

If you look at the "Agrisellex AG900" energiser, based on the size of the solar panel this will not be capable of running 80000 meters of fencing claimed. It is made by a Malayan company who advertise these features for this particular energiser;-

  • Discharge energy: 1.20J (Not 12 Joules)
  • Output: 8,000V
  • Power Source: 2 watt Solar Panel & Battery (Not a 30 watt panel)
  • Recommended for: gardens, (Not 80 km)

A later scam involves the supply of the “Agrisellex 4000 Three Phase Inverter”. Again we DO NOT manufacture and supply the product.

Agrisellex or their parent companies will not accept ANY liability for losses incurred in this scam and strongly suggest that ALL applicants carry out due diligence.

 Agrisellex 4000

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  • Thank you for the information.

  • Good Day
    Thank you very much for the alert and information shared.
    We have also taken a drastic decision to investigate this order in depth, and we have also come to a conclusion that this group of companies are a scam and we will not engage in any further talks with them.

    We appreciate your wake up call, maybe we can collectively act on this matter and save other companies or individuals.

    Thank you for your time.

  • When I search for the product make I come across kap solar providing product.and they quote me and ask first transport money where the bank dedect scam bank account is not correct.
    Harambe Agri service has contracted me with wrong purchase order number.
    I try to them to correct purchase order number but they didn’t do it.up to now.
    I have say I will cancel the contract.
    Thanks for the information.

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