Agrisellex has unwittingly become involved in a series of scams relating to a project allegedly emanating from the Namibian Government requesting the erection of a substantial electric fence in the northern district of Namibia. This would require the supply of 200 odd energisers plus ancillary equipment.

The energizer specified was an Agrisellex AG900. The contractor would search for a source of this and would be directed to this KapSolar website where the product is available. This would be quoted for, and the applicant would submit his quote to the “Namibian Government” little realizing that the contract application would go to KapSolar as the contact address is the same. The contract would be “awarded” and a purchase and payment would be made to KapSolar. Unfortunately, the product would not arrive.

Agrisellex do not manufacture ANY of these products although we DO know who does. If you look at the Agrisellex AG900 energiser, based on the size of the solar panel this will not be capable of running 80000 meters of fencing claimed.

A later scam involves the supply of the “Agrisellex 4000 Three Phase Inverter”. Again we DO NOT supply the product

 Agrisellex 4000

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