• 1/.Do not store rolled-up fence on the ground near stored feed in a barn with rats and mice present.
    Result: Rodents chew into the rolls, make themselves at home and severely damage the net. Instead, store netting far away from rodents and grain, or hang the roll off the ground on nails driven into a wall.
  • 2/.Do not use a “weed chopper” (a high impedance) energizer with electric netting.
    Result: The long-duration pulse of “weed chopper” energizers melts plastic parts of netting  where it touches vegetation. Also, their pulse is very weak, so even if there are no weeds, animals will challenge the fence. (These are now seldom manufactured)<br/>
  • 3/.Do not try to roll up the fence like a carpet instead—fold it up into pleats with the posts at one end.
    Result: A tedious chore that takes forever. People who try to “roll instead of fold” assume we’re liars about Electric Netting being an “instant fence.” Of course, the cure is to read the instructions—but nearly everyone assumes they don’t need to do that!
  • 4/.Do not use weak energizers (less than .25 joule energisers). Many units are too weak to be effective with netting. This is particularly true of inadequately powered battery units and energizers with small solar panels.
    Result: Animals feel very little shock and therefore try to push through or under the netting.  Animals will escape, netting is damaged and the user is upset and very frustrated.
  • 5/. Do not allow excess grass to grow up into the netting.
    Result: Each blade of grass will draw a little current off the fence so the more grass there is - the less effective your net will be

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