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Electric Chicken Netting kits offer the best protection from a Fox.

All our chicken electric netting kits are easy to set up and use. They will keep out those marauding foxes and allow your chickens to free-range in safety.

  • Standard Chicken netting kits:  for entry level with good all round protection and 1.1m tall netting
  • Ultimate Tall netting kits:  Supplied with our 1.45 m tall netting, double pronged posts. 40% taller - 90% more secure.
  • Both types may be powered by an energiser that will accept either 220 volt mains electricity or 12 volt battery. This will give you great versatility in the kits application.

Our Electric Poultry Netting is about the safest fence to protect your chickens whilst they free-range.

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  • Ultimate Tall Chicken Netting Kit

    The Ultimate in Fox Protection. Very Tall Chicken Netting Kit suitable to use with either 220 volt mains or 12v Battery The tall 145 cm chicken nets are 40% taller...
    From £20.00
  • Deluxe Hotline Pre-Fabricated Poultry Kits

    ELECTRIFIED POULTRY NETTING KIT Two lengths available, Please select your prefered option above. Electrified poultry netting provides a low visibility, effective deterrent against most predators. change Proven to be highly effective...
    From £20.00
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