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Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your fence by adding Stand off insulator with a Hot Wire

  • The Stand off distance insulator is used to improve the effectiveness of existing fences (stock or post-and-rail) by adding a hot wire.
  • A Distance Insulator is often used to protect post-and-rail fences from being pushed over and on poultry runs to prevent foxes getting in.
  • By putting the electric fence a short distance away from the existing fence it makes it a lot harder for the animal enclosed to bite, chew or push on the post-and-rail fence.
  • Frequently called "Chain link Offset Insulators" when used around the base and/or top of a chain link fence to prevent Foxes from climbing over
  • A hot wire at the top of a chicken fence will prevent a fox from climbing over and another one at the bottom will prevent them from digging under to get at the chickens enclosed in the fence.
  • Insulators are supported by a 6mm high tensile steel shaft.
 Ring Insulator Same moulding as an Ultimate Ring Insulator with a 200mm extension. Suitable for wires, twines or rope. The kink makes these easy to screw into a post.
Supplied in packs of 20.
Insulators are supported by a 20cm x 6mm high tensile steel shaft.
 Ranger Off-Set Insulator. Same as a standard Ring Insulator. May be used with a chuck attached to an Electric Drill for easy installation. 6mm Solid Steel shaft extending out 20 mm. Supplied in packs of 10
 Offset Tape Insulator

For Tapes up to 40 mm. Will also take rope, wire and twine up to 8 mm. It has a 120 mm Shaft. Pack of 10.

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