The new standards applied by the European Committee for Electro-technical Standardisation restricting the energy output of energisers on sale in Europe where they must adhere to either of the two standards.

60335/2/76A11 applies to all energisers below a maximum output of 5 Joules and covers most current energisers on the market.

60335/2/76A12 applies to all those above 5 joules output to a maximum of 15 joules. This regulation requires the energiser to reduce the output of the energiser below the 5 joule rating when a load has been experienced. This has resulted in various companies becoming inventive with their electronics.


horiSmart Energisers.

 An excellent solution has come from the German company Horizont who have released onto the market the horiSmart range of electric fencing energisers. These energisers have been manufactured using smart circuit technology that has the ability to detect the difference between a low residual resistance load (such as vegetation) or a contact load ( such as mammalian contact) and adjusts the output response accordingly.

Immediately after the first contact is initiated the power output is automatically reduced to 5 joules and an electronic assessment is made and the following decisions are carried out automatically;-

  1. For continual non-mammalian contact, 60 seconds after the initial  assessment the circuitry kicks into maximum power to destroy casual vegetation that is touching the fence helping to keep the fence line clean and running efficiently.
  2. For mammalian contact the energiser will automatically set the output at the lower rating and will remain there until the animal is clear of the fence - irrespective of how long that takes. Only when the fence is clear will the energiser automatically return to the running power. Even if the animal takes the unusual route of getting caught in the fence it will not be subjected to repeated, high energy shocks and is encouraged to extricate itself.
  3. If there is a dead short to ground the circuitry will sound an audible alarm for your attention. It is possible to fit some models with a component that will send a text to your mobile alerting you of an issue with your fence.

The energisers have a built-in LED readout indicating the efficiency of your fence and this may be seen at a glance. There are further features indicating power input and grounding efficiency coupled with a five year manufacturers guarantee. The horiSMART range is available as either a mains power feed or powered by a 12v battery.

Horizont products are distributed online by Agrisellex Electric Fencing.

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