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Effective testing of an Electric Fence will ensure your fence runs smoothly.

A GOOD Electric fence tester for a smooth running fence.

  • An Electric Fence Tester is only way you will know that your fence is maintaining a strong Electric charge at the right voltage for the fence to function correctly.
  • Alternatives Well, you may use your own hand - This is a completely inaccurate test and IS painful. This method will not tell you the true voltage of the fence - unless you are sitting on your backside.
  • An electric fence with a low voltage is of no use to you.
  • A standard electrician's voltmeter or electronic multimeter will not work with electric fences. The very short duration pulses will not register on instruments like these and will likely damage them!
  • Remember: Warning signs are required by law if the public will have access to your fence. Scroll to the bottom of this page to make sure you have the necessary warning signs.
  • Testing an Electric fence is very important
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  • Handy Fence Tester

    Convenient Electric Fence Tester Indispensable for daily fence maintenance - used to locate fence faults. Small and very handy to use. Reading range between 2000 and 10000v. Sunken LED's improves...
  • Fence Voltmeter, 10000 Volt.
    Sold Out

    Fence Voltmeter, 10000 Volt.

    Economy Electric Fence Tester Indispensable for daily fence maintenance - used to locate fence faults. Reading range between 2000 and 10000v - unlike the majority on the market that only...
  • Fault Scout

    Electric Fence Fault finding at its easiest. Digital voltmeter with built-in ammeter that indicates fence voltage, amount of current and current direction. The Fence Scout detects the directional flow of...
  • International Warning Signs

    International Electric Fencing Warning Signs Keep on the right side of the Law with these Internationally recognised warning signs. By law a warning sign should be displayed on fences adjacent...
    From £4.00
  • Flash 2000

    The Flash 2000 flashes with each impulse when the input energy in the fence exceeds 3000v. It will cease to flash below that level giving an indication that the fence...
  • Digital Fence Tester

    Accurate and Definitive Electric Fence Tester The only way to test a fence without using your hand - that HURTS Accurate digital readout giving a definite reading Easy to use...
  • Electric Fence Indicator Light.

    Electric Fence Indicator. Flashes with each pulse of the fence. High visibility indicator lamp. Perfect for  making sure that the fence is operating. Enables you to see from a distance...
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