Agrisellex is pleased to be able to fill orders from several countries around the world in the last few months. Australia is a country well covered by fencing companies yet we have been able to compete and deliver three orders to Australia including a substantial consignment to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Toowoomba, Queensland.

siberia Oil rigs protected by Electric Fencing

A major Oil producing company was having a problem of bears harassing workers on the drilling rigs in Siberia, Russia. The existing fences were not effective so the option was either to shoot them or keep them out by other means. The first option would probably be frowned on so following a visit for training a series of fences have been installed and solved the problem.

After consultation with the NACRES Biodiversity Conservation and Research Centre, Tbilisi, Georgia a consignment of assorted fencing equipment was dispatched to meet their requirements.

A large horticultural operation in Kenya was being targeted by Baboons who were doing considerable damage to the valuable produce.

Baboons controlled by Electric Fencing Baboons controlled by Electric Fencing

As we have had considerable experience with primates in Africa we were chosen to design and implement a fence to keep the crops safe. This order is currently on its way to Kenya.

Europe has been a destination of many orders to Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

May 2016. A order has been dispatched to the Polar Bear Park at Winisk, Canada to be used to prevent bears from infiltrating populated areas and the destruction of waste bins as they search for food. These are the Livestok nets to be linked with energisers from our sister company in the USA.

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