My daughter has a Red Border Collie (Rascal) that is rather full of himself and believes he is able to take on the world. Unfortunately a person has moved in next door with 2 Staffie x Bull terrriers and they are constantly at each other across the fence. Rascal was nearly climbing over the 5 foot wall to get at these dogs and there is no doubt in our mind that he would come off second best if that happened.

The solution we decided on was to electrify the fence at the top and along the bottom to prevent them from coming together. This was a simple 15 minute operation creating what must be the shortest electric fence in the world, about 1 meter long attached to a battery energiser - just a little over powered.

Rascal was released and immediately went to the fence and promptly yelped, retreated from the fence and did not approach again for some hours when he tried again and was again given a good belt. He gave the fence a wide berth for 24 hours and tried again with the same result. 

He now seems to have learnt his lesson and we are all at peace.


I erected a fence around my neighbours garden to keep in their Labrador who was continually escaping. Within 24 hours the problem had been sol;ved and the Lab learned not to escape. A month later the fence was removed and he has not escaped since.

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