The hunt is on to nab a farmer who has erected an illegal electric fence utilising barbed wire and a 220 volt mains supply.

Staff patrolling the Thirukkurunkudi forest stumbled upon an electrified fence around the farm of Annadurai, a local farmer, and promptly alerted the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation employees, who quickly disconnected the free power supply to the farm.

The fence was constructed out of barbed wire and connected directly onto the National electric grid via a standard home electrical outlet without using an Electric Fence Energiser. This high amperage source could have been fatal to both humans or animals that may come into contact with the fence.

Electric Fence using Barbed Wire

“We’re on the lookout for Annadurai,” said K. Sekar, Deputy Director, Kalakkad Division, KMTR.

Wildlife, particularly boars, foray into farms close to the Western Ghats, causing extensive damage to crops. Farmers complain that the animals return despite being routinely driven out of their farmland.

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