One of the major concerns about Electric Fencing is whether it is safe or not. This is covered in some detail in an earlier posting on this blog and just to highlight the difference  between standard mains electricity and electric fencing there are numerous incidences, particularly in India, where animals and humans have been killed or injured by "Electric Fences" that have been connected directly to a mains supply.

This is invariably by a poor farmer who has seen the effectiveness of electric fencing and his meagre crops are being ruined by animals. He then looks at ways to protect himself and his crops so settles on an "Electric Fence" little realising that there is a big difference between what he does and what is supplied by Agrisellex.

Elephants killed by electricity"COIMBATORE: A 20-year-old Makna elephant was electrocuted at Palapalli in Bitharkadu forest range in Pandalur taluk in Nilgiris district on Sunday. Krishnadass and Chandran had cultivated banana, ginger and arcea on about three acres. They were irritated as an elephant had damaged the crops for the last two days. They arranged for electricity to pass through the fence illegally. The elephant approached the grove on Sunday morning and died on the spot after coming into contact with the fence.

Veterinarian Vijayragahavan performed the post-mortem of the animal in the presence of Bitharkadu Forest Range Officer Somasundaram at 9 am. The grove is located 100 metres from Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR). Forest official officials booked the duo under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1971. However, they fled from the spot. This is the second instance of an elephant getting electrocuted in Bitharkadu forest range in the last two months. Wildlife activists have condemned the farmers for this.

Death of wild elephants due to electrocution in The Nilgiris district has become a cause of concern. N Sadiq Ali, founder, Wildlife and Nature Conservation Trust (WNCT) said, officials of the forest department, wildlife crime control bureau (WCB) and their members will launch an awareness programme to control such incidents in the villages in The Nilgiris district under the Panchayat Raj Scheme soon."

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