Are you a farmer? Do you like to garden? Are you the kind of person who takes pride in their yard? If any or all of these things apply to you, then you might have some concerns about the deer population. You may be inclined to think that people only face these problems in the wooded rural areas, but herds of deer can move into more urban areas as well. You may love Bambi or a venison roast, but in many areas of the country the deer population causes problems

For farmers, deer pose a very real threat to their livelihood. Some farmers have reported that deer have destroyed up to 80% of their crops. Though these numbers seem staggering, but an adult deer can eat up to three kilo’s of food per day


Deer also cause several problems in domestic areas. Trying to maintain a garden or beautiful landscape may be difficult with a population of deer. Whether you have shrubs or various kinds of plants and flowers, deer can cause considerable damage to your yard by what is called “deer browsing.” You can be confident that deer are causing the damage if the ends of the plants are ragged and the shoots are eaten. Deer can cause particular difficulties when trying to plant new grass or other plants as they will come and eat the seeds. Solutions for this problem are required from homes and gardens to parks and athletic fields.

Deer are not merely bothersome to landscaping investments and deer may have a very detrimental effect on carefully nurtured plants. Some home-owners choose from large lists of plants and shrubs repel deer. While this is a more organic option, this approach does not always work. Several different forms of repellents have been utilized with varying degrees of success. Repellent techniques range from bars of soap, to human hair collected from barber shops, to sprays similar to mosquito repellent. It is important to note that not all of these techniques work uniformly in every situation. Most are affected by weathering and are short-lived.

In more dramatic fashion, some people try scare tactics to frighten deer when they enter a certain undesired area. People set up motion detectors to set off radios, sprinklers, strobe lights or other frightening sounds to scare deer away. While these methods may be initially effective, deer rapidly become accustomed to such tactics and the effect is reduced after a few weeks.
Electric Deer fencing is another option for preventing deer from destroying your yard. These fences are conceptually similar to livestock fences and can take different forms. Depending on the dimensions of the garden, this can be an economical choice. It requires little maintenance and will eliminate the need for using chemical pesticides on plants. There are also a range of Deer nets very suitable for keeping deer out.

The population spend at least a million dollars a year on repellents and fencing to control the deer population. You want to spend your money on this specialty deer fence because it is the superior method for deer control in any circumstance.

It is always exciting to see deer close to home, but the realities of property damage and disease may require many of these steps to control deer around your property. As the deer are then funneled back to their more natural habitat and sustenance, both the deer and property owner benefit.

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