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Build an Electric Fence for Pigs or Deer - Easy kits to use.

  • Top quality, premium netting, energisers and accessories
  • Ideal if you are not sure what you need to set up your electric fence for deer or pigs.
  • Very Strong 2.4 Joule energiser (nearly every other kit on the market uses weaker 0.8 joule energisers) Makes management much easier as it will overcome many natural influences that will weaken your fence.
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  • Deer Fencing Kit, Battery or 220v Mains

    Stop Deer from infiltrating your land, flower beds and vegetable gardens with this Electric Fencing kit. This kit will protect your flowers and vegetables, or whole garden, from devastation by...
    From £18.00
  • Pig Fencing Kit, 12 v Battery or 220 v Mains Electricity.

    An all-in-one kit to set up an electric fence that keeps your pigs where they are meant to be. The strong 2.4 Joule Energiser will run off either 12 volt...
    From £218.00
  • Geared 3 Reel Electric Fence Kits. Steel or Twine

    Geared Reel Systems. A very practical and very flexible way to sub-divide a field, takes minutes to erect and remove. Ideal for protecting existing fences. Ideal for Badger exclusion. Create...
    From £440.00
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