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The Ultimate in Fox Protection.

Simply select the products to create a kit that has everything you need to protect your chickens. This bundle has a discount built in.

  • The tall 145 cm chicken nets are 40% taller than standard chicken nets will give 90% better protection as they are sufficiently tall enough to deter even the worst fox. Read more about this Ultimate Chicken Net
  • This Bundle option allows You to assemble a kit more suitable to your OWN requirements. The minimum required is a Net, an Energiser and an Earth Stake - the rest are optional.
  • The energiser selected may be powered by an external 12v battery or by 220volt mains electricity.
  • The choice of  energiser is either a powerful 2.4 joule Gemini energiser  or very powerful 5 Joule Farming energiser, Both will be very effective in protecting your chickens from a marauding fox. Both supply extra capacity to overcome grass growing up (to a limit) so reducing maintenance. Many kits supply an energiser that is only strong enough for the netting alone. Buy a wimp energiser - you get a wimpy fence. Here is why you need a strong energiser.
Energiser Comparison 2.4 J Gemini 5 J Farming
Stored and (Output) Energy 2.4J  (1.2J) 5J (3J)
Max Voltage 8200 v 10000 v
 Net Capacity  4 Nets 15 Nets
  • All nets are 145 cm (58 inches - 4 ft 10 inches feet) tall. Made out of very low resistance material - 0,75 Ohms/meter (the lower - the better.) They are supplied with Posts and connections
  • The Earth Stake offered is a 1meter long standard stake.

Optional Products

These are not essential to an operating net but can be very handy to have;-

NOT what you want to see.

Fox Eating a Chicken

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary Ann von Radowitz
Fantastic kit!

This is a great kit, easy to set up and VERY effective. We have a public footpath through the paddock the chickens are in and although people should know to keep their dogs on leads near livestock, some don't...however, they only touch the poultry netting once and then keep well away. I've seen a fox sniff the netting, jump back and I haven't seen him since. Strong, robust, well made and very easy to move the whole set up around which means my hens have fresh grass every couple of weeks and don't have to live on mud like so many. I have bought extra fencing posts which I'm also very pleased with.

We are plagued with foxes where I live but this set up means I can be confident that my girls have the best protection possible. Thank you also, Agrisellex for dealing with a novice lady who is on a learning curve. You've been nothing but professional and courteous, despite my many questions!

Helen Thom
Very good quality poultry netting

Pleased with this netting, bought x2 25m plus the gateway. Easy enough to set up and clip the two nets and gateway for electric current. Used tall tree stakes to help give stability to corners. The poles themselves felt robust. As we found out, chickens can still fly over the extra high net, so we clipped flight feathers.

Robbie Charteris
A Good Product.

Pleased with the quality of this product, and it's easy to set up and move around. Impressed with the charge that the recommended energiser generates from a 12v battery which certainly holds its charge well. Will have to wait and see whether it's the solution to fox predators, but reasonably optimistic.

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