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Your best option for Permanent Electric Fences

Very low resistance of only 0.04 Ohms/m with a breaking strain of 1000 kg. This wire is 2.5 mm and supplied in reels of 650 meters.This wire is ideal for long-permanent fences where effective transmission of current and tensioning is important.
It is the most effective permanent perimeter fence and provides the highest level of security for keeping out or containing difficult or aggressive animals, such as bulls or predators. A well-built, high tensile electric fence requires minimal maintenance and will last 20-plus years.

High tensile electrified fence advantages are:-

  • Has no barbs to injure livestock, yet delivers an awesome electronic barb.
  • Minimum maintenance with long life of fence - in excess of 20 years.
  • Easily electrified with the best conductivity.
  • Requires fewer posts.
  • Supplied in a wooden spool eliminating the requirement for a Spinning Jenny
  • Less expensive than other fence types
  • Does not stretch under tension - less maintenance. The higher carbon content in high tensile wire significantly increases the wire’s strength and reduces elongation (stretching and sagging).
  • This is a High Tensile wire so not easy to handle.
  • The 2.5 mm is available in UK ONLY

Long lasting steel wire with 95:5% Zinc:Aluminium alloy hot dip galvanizing to increase conductivity and longevity, superior to conventional brushed galvanizing resulting in a high tensile wire with a life 4 times longer than standard fence wires. Zinc coating of 200g/m2 meeting BS4443 and EN10244

Galvador Wire


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