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Simple Badger Fencing Kit.

  • Everything needed to install an electric fence to keep badgers out of gardens or cricket pitches.
  • Easy to erect - simply press the stakes into the ground and string the wires.
  • Stakes are of high quality polyplastic, 50 cm out the ground and with 6 possible stringing points. 10 posts per 50 meters. The stakes are Green.
  • The energiser is sufficiently powerful to safely teach the badger the error of his ways and to keep away without harming him. Additional wires to make the fence longer is possible.
  • The Gemini energiser may run on either 12v battery or 220 v mains power. If you want to use it on 220 v then a length of High Volt Cable will be necessary.
  • The twine is high quality with a very good conductivity of 0.3 Ohms/m (the lower this figure is - the better) The twine supplied is white. Sufficient for a minimum two lines per fence. 
  • A tester is supplied so you do not need to touch it to know if the fence is working.
  • Information on Badger Fencing.

 What is supplied;-

50 meters 100 meters 200 meters
Energiser Yes Yes Yes
Earth Stake Yes Yes Yes
In Line Posts 20
Twine 250m 400m 600m
Connectors 10
Tester Yes Yes Yes
 12v Battery No No No
High Volt Cable No No No
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