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Stop Deer from infiltrating your land, flower beds and vegetable gardens with this Electric Fencing kit.

This kit will protect your flowers and vegetables, or whole garden, from devastation by Deer intrusion. These exclusion fences have been supplied to exclude deer from forest regeneration areas.

  • The very strong 2.4 joule energiser is strong enough to put a deer onto it's backside.
  • This energiser may be used with either 220 volt electricity or a 12 volt battery
  • All necessary connection cables are supplied for 12 volt application. 12 volt car or leisure batteries are NOT included in the kit.
  • If you are using 220 volt electricity then a length of High Voltage cable will be required to take power to the fence.
  • Bait Caps are suggested so all you need is some neat Apple cordial to pour in to boost the efficacy of the fence. This encourages the deer to test and investigate the fence prior to jumping over. The “bee” sting on the nose is highly effective and deer seldom return to the fence.

Netting Kit

  • The nets are very tall at 145 cm ( 4.75 ft out the ground). Supplied with thick 20mm plastic posts on twin steel stakes making it easy to press into the ground
  • Repair kit and warning sign is included.
 Product 50 meter Kit 100 meter Kit 200 meter Kit
50 m Deer Net 1 2 4
2.4 Joule Dual Volt Energiser 1 1 1
1 meter Earth Stake 1 1 1
10000 v Tester 1 1 1


Stock Line Kits.

  • The Ultimate posts are 145 cm tall (125cm out the ground). Sufficient are supplied for each length with 4-5m intervals. Suitable for all breeds.
  • Twine with the necessary connections are supplied. 
 Product 50 meter Kit 100 meter Kit 200 meter Kit
1.4m White Post 10 30 50
2.4 Joule Dual Volt Energiser 1 1 1
1 meter Earth Stake 1 1 1
Twine 400m 750m 1200m
Steel Connectors 10 10 10
10000 v Tester 1 1 1


Further information on Deer Fencing.

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