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Complete Gate Sets and Gate Handles for Electric Fencing. 

  • These gate handles give you an electrified wire running across the length of the gate. The gate handle is only hooked onto one side of the electric fence, so once it's unhooked, the entire gate and gate handle become safe to pass through.
  • Every handle is fully insulated against high voltage fences and has a tension pull spring, so the handle securely hooks onto the latch and never falls off.
  • Wide colour range of Gate Handles for your selection. Gate Handles suitable for both Tape and Rope available for your selection.
  • Strengthened Steel hooks prevents straightening under pressure.
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  • Single Coloured Gate Handles

    Electric Fence Gate Handles Insulating Gate handle with a tensioning pull spring. Strengthened steel hook to prevent straightening. Supplied singularly in a range of colours. Please make your selection below....
  • Ultimate Gate Handles

    Ultimate Quality Electric Fencing Gate handles Made from UV stabilized plastic with excellent insulating properties for high powered energizers. A steel plate at the rear prevents the long-lasting, high compression...
    From £4.00
  • Large Spring Gate Set

    Positive acting Electric fencing gate set Large 50mm (2 inch) diameter spring extendable upto 5 metres. Highly visible to any animal approaching the gate opening Supplied with gate-hook, specialised galvanized...
  • Bungee Chord Gate Set

    6m Extendable Gate Extends to six Metres.  Elastic Bungee chord prevents the chord from being difficult to manage Gate opens and closes easily without the rope touching the ground Includes...
  • Gate Handle Insulator

    A solid insulator to attach a gate handle Standard loop and hook with an insulated screw-in attachment for a wooden post. The insulated attachment screws onto a wooden post. May...
  • Tape Gate Insulator

    Tape Gate Insulator Up to 40mm Tape attachment with an insulated screw-in insulator for a wooden post. Galvanised steel construction gives you excellent longevity and secure transmission of the Electric...
  • Gate Handles - Pack of 5

    Electric Fence Gate Handles Insulating Gate handle with an internal tensioning pull spring. Strengthened steel hook to prevent straightening. Supplied in Black or Orange in a pack of 5 handles....
  • Connecting Buckle

    Positive Contact Electric Fencing Tape connectors Very easy to use and fits all tapes and connects to any gate handle. Sturdy tape connector with continuous metal connector May also be...
    From £6.00
  • Rigid Hotgate

    Improved Rigid HotGate for Chicken nets A rigid net that makes getting in and out of your chicken netting system easy. The electricity is not shut off. May be used with...
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