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Electric Fencing Connectors and Strainers

  • A range of highly durable and efficient Connectors for positive transfer of energy
  • Fence connectors are available in both long lasting Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel.
  • Strainers are manufactured using aluminium.
  • The Gripple system makes fence maintenance a doddle.
  • These connectors ensure the maximum current is transferred through the system.
  • Keep your electric fence in the best condition with these connectors.

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  • Tape Connectors

    Positive Contact Electric Fencing Tape connectors Very easy to use and fits all tapes Sturdy tape connector with continuous metal connector May also be used to strain up a tape...
    From £6.00
  • Rope Connectors

    Permanent contact Rope Connectors Rope connector capable of accepting ropes of 5 - 7mm diameter. Positive steel connection ensures free-flow of electricity through your electric fence. Larger construction than wire...
    From £8.00
  • Wire/Twine Connectors

    Permanent contact for all Electric Fence wiring Wire or Twine connector capable of accepting a diameter of up to 5mm, Rope will not fit. Smaller construction than rope connectors. Galvanized...
  • Heart Connection Cable

    Effective Electric Fence Tape Connectors Heart shaped connection cables to connect multiple lines of conductors- Rope, twine or tapes. Cable length is 50cm. long and for your safety is double...
  • Screw Connection Cable

    Positive Screw connection for an Electric Tape. This positive connector allows you to connect two lines of tape to allow an easy flow of electricity . The connector is wide...
  • Circular Wire/Rope Strainer

    Positive tensioning of Electric Fencing May be inserted at any point of the fence to strain wire or rope fences No need to cut the fence. Simply slip it on-tension...
  • Wire and Rope Tensioner

    New Twine and Rope Tensioner Suitable for all twine and rope. Tensioned either by hand or using a simple screwdriver - no need for expensive tools Tensioning may be done...
  • High Volt Cable Jointing Kit

    High Voltage Wire Connector Insulated waterproof connection for splicing High Voltage Cables Easy to use and effective. May be buried underground. Additional lengths of High Volt cable may be easily...
  • Wire Clamp

    Steel Electric Fence wire clamps Join steel wires securely either vertically or horizontally. Made from galvanized steel. Very secure and firm. Supplied in a pack of 5.
  • Line Connection Kit.

    Battery Energiser Fence Connection Kit. Both cables have double insulation for use with high voltage energisers. Heart connection cable is 100cm (39 inches) long with re-inforced plastic covering. The Heart...
  • Connecting Buckle

    Positive Contact Electric Fencing Tape connectors Very easy to use and fits all tapes and connects to any gate handle. Sturdy tape connector with continuous metal connector May also be...
    From £6.00
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