Attractive walls and solid wooden fences are not always a deterrent to a hungry Fox so a worthy addition to an attractive wall is an Electric fence to give a very strong message, and if you are worried because you have a brick, cement or pre-cast wall, you do not have reason to fret because wall top electric fences are the perfect way to securing your premises and preventing a fox from scaling it to get to your chickens.

With wall top electric fences, at least two braided steel wire strands are used, which electrify the top part of the fence or wall, and brackets are placed in such a way that intruders cannot get over the fence. The wires of the fence carry the electrical charge. While walls can delay entry, without reliable electric wires, your wall might just be an attractive feature of your home, and not an imposing deterrent.

There is nothing to compare with electric fencing when one wishes to keep foxes off your property. Not only will the intruder be faced with a physical barrier, they will also be exposed to the psychological barrier created by high voltage pulses that will deter the most hardened predator.

Electric fences have revolutionised fencing entirely, and carefully designed wall top electric fences have already increased security to many who believed an existing wall could not be electrified! A too thin wire, a weak energiser, a bad join or faulty or leaking insulator will lessen the shock the intruding fox receives. The object of electric fencing is to make this shock as severe as possible.

An adequately designed and constructed electric fence works by the combination of a weak physical barrier (the fence) and a strong psychological imprint (the 6000v sting) created in the mind of the animal. An electric fence energiser attached to the fence wires produces a short but painful sting when touched by the animal, similar to a sharp "thwack" from a riding crop. The low amperage (15-100mA) and short duration (about 1/300th. of a second) results in a sharp but safe sting that then creates a psychological barrier that the animal associates with the fence and discourages it from touching again.

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  • I am interested in installing an electric fence on my flat roof around a roof top garden to deter squirrels and raccoons . However, I don’t understand how it would work as the animals would not be touching the ground.

    is there a way to use the fencing on a roof?

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