However carefully you may treat your tape when rolling it up – somehow it will always degenerate into a bird nest that is impossible to sort out.

However carefully you strain a 2-strand fence – you will not achieve a similar tautness and one will sag.

Electric FencingHowever carefully you run the tape through your fingers – those spiky metal bits will always get you, painfully.

However carefully you switch off the power supply there will be the occasion you forget – it will shock you when least expecting it and that is definitely not pleasant.

However carefully you try to insert your posts into the ground it will be too hard or too wet.

However carefully you try to fool the horse that the fence is still live when you remove the battery to charge it –as soon as your back is turned, he will go straight through it.

However carefully you place your order – you will always have too few posts and too little tape to cover the full length.

However carefully you insert the post spikes they somehow bend themselves at 90° so they may not be used elsewhere (Solution - buy the Ultimate Horse Post.)

Electric Fencing Horse BlanketAt some point in all horses’ lives will come the moment of realisation: that with a thick rug on, it does not matter whether the fence is electrified or not as they can walk straight through it anyway.

Lastly - Do not covet the neighbour’s electric fence – its pristine posts, perfectly straight tape without ugly knots – it's an illusion. Puke Emoji


(Apologies- I do not know who drew the cartoon so un-able to supply the credit due)

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