Electric Fencing is very simple with just a few basic rules to pay attention to.
  • Do place ground rods (Earth Rods or Earth Stakes - they are all the same thing) in permanently damp ground. About 95 percent of all electric fence problems are due to poor grounding. Effective Earthing link.
  • Do use an energiser that is EU approved. EU approved energisers are certified safe for both horses and for people.
  • Do check woven horse tape fencing regularly — wind flutter can break the wire conductors making the electric fence ineffective. Large diameter, braided electric rope is visible, strong, and durable, and suitable for use as a permanent perimeter fence. Lasts longer than, and cheaper than Tape. Effect of Wind on an Electric Fence Tape
  • Do install an earth return fencing system in dry climates or very sandy soil is in your area.
  • Do make sure your fence is touching nothing but plastic
  • Do check your fence  voltage regularly with a voltmeter. Ensure the voltage is between 5,000 and 9,000 volts.
  • Don’t plan your fence line to run through places where your horses habitually roll.
  • Don't simply tie the tape or rope at a join - either use dedicated joiners or bare some of the metal filaments and twist those together.
  • Don't over-tension the tape or wire, the plastic WILL stretch but the fragile filaments will not, they will break. No need to be able to play a guitar solo on the wires.
  • Don't buy energisers that are not certified, anything can happen and it has.
  • Don't wrap the end of the fence around a tree - yes it has happened.
  • Don't use tube insulators, spiders love them and the chemical reaction between the spiders threads, water and the metal filaments is corrosive.

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