• Do place ground rods in permanently damp ground. About 95 percent of all electric fence problems are due to poor grounding.
  • Don’t use an energiser that isn’t EU approved. EU approved energisers are certified safe for both horses and for people.
  • Do check woven horse tape fencing regularly — wind flutter can break the wire conductors making the electric fence ineffective. Large diameter, braided electric rope is visible, strong, and durable, and suitable for use as a permanent perimeter fence. Lasts longer than, and cheaper than Tape.
  • Do install an earth return fencing system in dry climates or very sandy soil is in your area.
  • Don’t plan your fence line to run through places where your horses habitually roll.
  • Do check your fence  voltage regularly with a voltmeter. Ensure the voltage is between 5,000 and 9,000 volts.

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