For those who despair with the ravages of foxes eating and maiming chickens as a hobby - they do not touch the antics of a grizzly bear

Longing for fresh eggs, Levi and Nauni Griffith began raising chickens in their backyard. They started with a few, and eventually had 116. Until late last summer, that is, when a grizzly  sow and her cub, filling the night with fearful growling, got in among the shrieking chickens and then lumbered off, leaving bits of 99 birds behind. Grizzly bears are protected under the American Endangered Species Act, and it is illegal to shoot one unless it poses an immediate risk to human life.

Fortunately Electric fencing is proving to be one of the most effective tools to deter grizzlies from getting into trouble with people. It gives grizzles a strong shock which does not harm them but quickly teaches them to stay away from that attraction and encourages them to move on in search of natural foods. Bottom line: it keeps grizzly bears alive.

Two years ago, Defenders of Wildlife based in the United States created the Electric Fence Incentive Program. The program reimbursed small livestock owners in northwest Montana and northern Idaho $100 towards the cost of an electric fence that would secure their livestock from grizzly bears. From 2010-2011, 18 landowners were assisted to install electric fences. Due to increased interest and popularity of this program, it was decided to expand the effort. Beginning in 2012 the electric fence incentive reimburses 50% of the cost of an electric fence around any grizzly bear attractant–chicken coops, garbage, beehives, etc.–up to a maximum reimbursement of $500.00.

Currently 25 fences have been erected in 2012 and is providing an effective solution to the grizzly problem.

Coexistence with many forms of intrusive wildlife around the world is perfectly feasible with tools such as electric fencing but it is our collective responsibility as stewards of these animals and their habitat to utilize these tools to ensure the survival of any specie of animal that is under threat due to a Human/Animal conflict.

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