An interesting problem was encountered when a customer phoned regarding a horse that was habitually destroying a post and rail fence. It turned out this horse was a Shire and a beast at 18.2 hands and weighed a mighty 1000 kilo's plus. A lovely friendly, gentle giant. She seemed to prefer the grass on the other side of the fence and would rest her considerable bulk on the fence to stretch further with the obvious conclusion of the fence coming off second best. The horse is a gentle giant who simply doesn't know her own strength.

Shire HorseThe obvious solution is a single strand of electric wire along the top rail to stop her from leaning on the rail. The wire is off-set 150ml from the wood rails using suitable insulators and attached to a mains Electric Fence energiser.

The first contact by the horse resulted in a tensioning of the muscles and a jerk away from the fence. A second attempt was made with the same result and the giant then decided that the grass on her own side was acceptable.

Two months down the road and she has not destroyed the fence again saving the owner a considerable sum in fence repairs.

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