Following the spate of piracy, theft and hijackings on the high seas there has been interest shown on the use of Electric Fencing to assist in securing a boat. Two projects have been undertaken where the wires have been strung around the yacht using the metal railings as the earth system. The energiser was attached to the integral 12v circuit.

White plastic insulators have been used together with high voltage Hotshock units. We felt this was necessary as there would only be one chance to belt the attacker coming over the side so the 10000 v kick would prove a substantial deterrent. This may be connected to an alarm that would sound a siren when tampered with.

A physical test was carried out and it is very difficult to maintain a hold when the shock kicks in. The worst was when climbing out of water as this was connected to the railings creating a direct link for the electricity. 

The cost of the system as installed is not great, in the region of £200.00. Installation is easy and in both cases was carried out by the purchaser.

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