I read with some considerable amusement an article written by Joe Stack in the Bognor Regis Observer covering the erection of an electric fence around a bowling green.

Electric fence around Bognor bowling green 'utterly over the top'

He has likened this to securing a nuclear plant or Porton Down.

It is a simple 3 ft stock fence that has been quite clearly erected to keep badgers or foxes – or both - off the playing square. Not what would be termed a “Security Fence” by any stretch of the imagination.

Both foxes and badgers may create havoc with the ability to ruin large sections of a lawn overnight so that it looks as if it has been ploughed. This then will take months to repair particularly if there are regular visits from the animals.

Badger Damage to a lawn.


These fences have been erected around the country protecting bowling greens, cricket pitches, football grounds and countless gardens to keep Foxes, Badgers or deer safely and effectively out of sensitive areas.

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