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Top Quality Stranded Electric Fencing Wire
Amazing conductivity at an Amazing price.

  • Non-tempered galvanized wire for use in free-range piggeries and permanent fencing.
  • Very good conductivity 0.12 Ohms/meter
  • Very tightly wound and far superior to Standard 7 strand wires.
  • Does not come apart easily while using it - unlike normal stranded wires. Very easy to use and handle.
  • Supplied in reels of 200 or 400 meters. Also available in a plain 200m roll (not wound onto a plastic reel)
  • Wire not in a reel frequently ends up looking like a birds nest when unravelling it.
  • Zinc coating of 200g/m2 meeting BS4443 and EN10244

Medium-tensile wire has a yield point and beyond that it stretches plasticity under tension (Hooke's Law). This point is reached before the wire breaks so that when this is  highly strained in a fence it will not retain its tension over long periods and will stretch. It therefore should not be tensioned to the stage where a guitar solo may be played on it and the wire requires more support stakes and posts to prevent it sagging.

Stranded Wire

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