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High Quality Green Electric Fence Rope

50 x better conductivity than standard green ropes

  • The incorporation of the new metallic alloy ensures that the excellent conductivity of 0.22 Ohms/m - substantially superior to comparable products.
  • Very high conductivity and suitable for long fences or use with small energizers to maximize their output.
  • With the Green Powerline's low resistance of just 0.22 Ohms/Metre giving it excellent conductivity, this is the ideal rope to deliver that essential electronic "barb" to where you want to control your target.
  • Your energiser will use LESS energy driving the electricity because of the good conductivity - Your battery will last longer
  • Rope is less effected by wind-action so does not "flap" in the wind. The plastic filaments are tightly wound so complementing each other and contributing to greater strength whilst presenting a lower cross-section to damaging sunlight - Rope lasts longer, looks neater and is just as visible.
  • The green colouring blends in with the surroundings well retaining visibility with the white strand but because of the high conductivity the animals soon learn to give it a wide berth.
  • A 6mm diameter rope supplied in 200 or 400 meter reels.
  • A three year warranty* on the rope is an indication of our supreme confidence in the product.

*The warranty offered on all the above ropes is limited to sunlight's Ultra Violet degradation of the plastic material and does not cover mechanical damage by wind action, animal action, abrasion or damage by lightning strike.

Green Powerline Rope

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