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Electric Fencing Training Aid

Baiting remains a highly effective method of boosting an Electric Fence.

  • Extemely effective at encouraging animals who may not respect an electric fence as much as they should, particularly applicable to deer and other antelope but also horses, badgers and foxes.
  • Soak the cottonwool with a suitable bait and attach to the fence.
  • For foxes use some dripping or residue gravy from the Sunday roast.
  • A positive effect is seen immediately and baiting is not normally required a second time.
  • Pack of 20 Caps

N.B. If an animal is already respecting the fence there is no need to bait the fence, this is only for those animals who are proving difficult.

Fox and Mink:- Gravy, Meat residues
Rabbit, Deer & Alpaca:- Neat Apple cordial/juice.
Horses, Pigs & Badgers;- Honey, Syrup, Peanut Butter or Treacle.

Does Baiting the Fence Work.

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