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A Powerful, robust Solar Energiser for Equestrian yards

  • A range of options for energisers linked to suitable solar panels to provide year round operation.
  • Combined with a 10 or 20 Watt Solar Panels for year round free energy. The panels are suited to the energiser capacity for year-round operation.
  • No re-charging of batteries normally required. Ideal to use with rechargeable leisure (or car) batteries.
  • Very easy to use and ideal for those wanting oodles of power for expansion.
  • It's cost/energy ratio is very competitive.
  • The units are rain and drip proof and may be erected out-doors for your convenience. Protect the panel from damage.
  • A 12v 75aH battery is offered and purchased separately. the 75aH capacity will last about 14 days. Which Battery is best for an Electric Fence
  • The units have polarity protection so will not be damaged by incorrectly connecting it to the battery 

Supplied with energisers described below, Suitable solar panel and stands for both. The stand is a suitable earth stake.

1.2 Joule Energiser  2.5 Joule Energiser 5 Joule 
Gemini 120 Gemini 240
Farmer A5000
10 Watt Solar Panel
10 Watt Solar Panel
20 Watt Solar Panel

Will run 4 nets or 12km wire

Will run 7 nets or 15lk wire Will run 14 nets, 50 km wire


The Solar panel and the Energiser are connected to the same terminals on the battery so that when there is insufficient sun the battery will take over charging the energiser. When there is sun the panels will be recharging the battery.

Set up for Solar Energiser array.

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